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About Zortea

Pioneering spirit and innovations

A strong team, revolutionary technology and experience from more than 7,000 exciting projects for and with our customers – that’s Zortea.

In 1963, Rembert Zortea founded his trade business for heating and sanitary installations in Hohenems: the beginning of what is now an internationally active company, characterised from the outset by a pioneering spirit, innovative strength and expertise in system hydraulics.

In a short space of time, the company developed into a reliable partner for the numerous hotels in the region. The rapid growth of the hotel and tourism industry with large construction projects was accompanied by increasing demands on the heating and cooling supply. However, the industry’s technical solutions available on the market often proved unsatisfactory for energy-efficient building management ─ and there was no answer to the key question: how can several different heat generators and heat consumers be connected in one system in such a way that safe, efficient and easy-to-install system operation can be guaranteed in the long term?

Driven by the challenges posed by failing systems, hydraulic faults and control conflicts, Rembert Zortea began developing the Zortström. With impressive results: the decoupling of the generator circuits and a simple control logic meant that known, recurring faults could be quickly and reliably rectified. Back in the early 1990s, Rembert Zortea registered the first patents for a technology for the collection and directional distribution of different temperature flows – the basis of the Zortström product portfolio.

With the experience of more than 7,000 cooling and heating installations in all building segments and great enthusiasm for a sustainable energy supply, we are always happy to receive new impulses and creative ideas that arise in many exciting projects with our customers.

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