No legionella, free from dirt and deposits


No legionella formation, one temperature level

The hygiene requirements for hot water distribution are constantly increasing. The suitability of the components installed in the water circuit is crucial for the reliable prevention of legionella.

The Zortea service water manifold ZortImmun is designed in such a way that dirt can only accumulate in a defined place; this possible dirt is safely removed by the automatic self-cleaning system.


The ZortImmun technology keeps the distributor clean and the special design only allows deposits to build up at the lowest point. This is regularly flushed by an automatic valve, keeping the ZortImmun free of dirt and deposits.


The geometry and automatic cleaning ensure that dangerous deposits are reliably avoided – preventing legionella from finding a breeding ground.

Details & versions

Chrome steel V2A
Chrome steel V4A
Mounting types
Wall, floor
Wall mounting set, insulation, flanges, Victaulic, connection piece, TÜV test