Cooling and heating - safe and efficient
Economical planning, optimised operation, error-free installation
Energy machine with Zortström technology - 1MW input, 8MW useful energy
Heating and cooling for industry
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Zortea Gebäudetechnik

The specialists for collecting and distributing heat and cold

The Zortström technology

Discover the efficient components of the revolutionary, safe and patented Zortström technology: multivalent energy utilisation, precise storage concept, hydraulic decoupling and exact temperature separation.

Our products for optimised hydraulics

We supply Zortström hydraulic systems, manifolds, diverters, accumulators, buffers and more. The success of our products is based on four fundamental processes that we combine in one system for optimised hydraulics.

International industry solutions

With the experience gained from over 7,000 cooling and heating installations in all building segments, we are constantly developing new, customised solutions for customers from the residential, industrial, municipal, banking and hotel sectors.

Zortea - about us

Pioneering spirit, innovation, revolutionary technology and products – that’s Zortea. With our strong team, we have already realised more than 7,000 exciting projects with and for our customer(s).


Find out about the latest developments at Zortea and the latest details on our innovative products and solutions. Immerse yourself in the world of advanced technologies and discover how we continuously drive innovation.