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Our products for optimised hydraulics

The success of our products is based on four fundamental processes that are combined in one system: the decoupling of all volume flows, precise temperature separation, an integrated buffer and distribution function and precise output adjustment to generator and consumer requirements.

In addition, we offer you a range of services to ensure that your system runs smoothly and efficiently: customised design of hydraulics and control, on-site assembly, commissioning and operational optimisation.

Heating and cooling - our portfolio at a glance

We develop, plan, build and supply Zortström hydraulic systems, distributors, diverters, storage tanks, buffers and more.


The Zortström collection and distribution centre – the globally patented and effective solution for collecting and distributing heat and cold with any number of precisely separated temperature levels.

ZortImmun drinking water distributor

The ZortImmun manifold reliably prevents the formation of legionella and is designed in such a way that potential deposits are safely removed by the automatic self-cleaning system.

Zort-S Weiche

With the experience gained from over 7,000 cooling and heating installations in all building segments, we are constantly developing new, customised solutions for customers from the residential, industrial, municipal, banking and hotel sectors.

You can find solutions for your industry here.

Zortström enables you to connect a wide variety of heating and cooling generators and consumers to the heating or cooling system and to control them in a highly efficient and flexible way: