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Our services for you

We provide support with hydraulic planning, control design, operational optimization, commissioning and insulation of your systems – ask us for a quote.

Planning perfectly coordinated hydraulics with Zortström technology

Based on the project-specific conditions and technical data (performance, temperature, etc.), we develop – together with our customers – customized concepts for optimal and efficiently functioning hydraulics. Our aim is to meet your requirements and needs consistently and comprehensively by achieving maximum system efficiency with maximum operational reliability through simplicity. To achieve this, we provide you with our knowledge and experience from many thousands of planned and implemented Zortström systems. Our consulting service is free of charge for you. To support planners, we also offer building information modeling (BIM). The costs for this depend on the work involved.

Optimized control concept ensures efficient operation

As a hydraulic component, Zortström offers unique properties for operating cooling and heating systems safely, efficiently and simply. But even the best system components only work together as efficiently and smoothly as the control and regulation system allows. That is why we are happy to support you in the selection of suitable control technology and the creation of reliable, stable control logic.

Optimizing operations according to plan

Experience has shown that it makes sense to check and further optimize heating and cooling systems after approximately six months of operation. We offer you the necessary know-how to analyze the operating conditions of your system professionally and to optimize them in the long term. The costs for this depend on the work involved.

Fast and safe commissioning

In order to be able to commission your new system quickly and efficiently, we are happy to support you on site as a commissioning specialist with our expertise. The costs for this depend on the work involved.

Professional installation on site

In both new and existing buildings, the installation of a new system can often prove to be a major challenge due to building-specific requirements, such as room size or narrow entrances. We solve this problem for you and take care of the professional installation of the system directly at the installation site – so even large containers fit through small openings. The number of individual parts supplied depends on the conditions on site. The costs for this depend on the work involved.

Insulation made to measure

On site: For large Zortström that are not shipped insulated, we offer to insulate them on site in the usual Zortea quality.

Delivery insulated: We supply smaller Zortström up to a diameter of 1,000 mm and a maximum height of 2,000 mm insulated. Larger Zortström can also be supplied insulated on request. They are then shipped on “special feet” in a horizontal position.