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Zortström special transport

Special transport to Oberkochen, we’ll talk about the project a little later. Follow us.


Reference SPORTPARK BERGHOLZ WIL - Customers report about us

Savings of CHF 115,600. From CHF 315,000 energy costs per year predicted, actually only CHF 199,400. If that’s what you want – get in touch with us! The ZORTSTRÖM is the centerpiece of the heating system in the sports park opened in 2014 and combines a hydraulic separator with a distributor.


Reference KONGRESSZENTRUM DAVOS - Customers report about us

Reduced by 180,000 liters from 520,000 liters of heating oil. Is that what you want? The “Eau-là-là” congress center and indoor swimming pool uses ZORTSTRÖM technology to make highly efficient use of waste heat from the entire building.


Reference ÖLZ - Customers report about us

The Ölz industrial bakery reports on the use of Zortström technology. A satisfied customer was and remains our goal. There is no other technology with which such results can be achieved.


We are delighted to be on the front page of KTM

We are very proud to be on the front page of KTM “Krankenhaus Technik + Management”. As of today, you can find us in the trade magazine and online.


Safety, simplicity and efficiency for multivalent heating and cooling systems (Jugend & Volk: "Heating and ventilation technology")

We are very proud to be on the cover of the textbook “Heating and ventilation technology”. From today you will find us in every technical college.


Reference project ─ detached house in Marktheidenfeld (Jürgen Leppig)

It was designed for the second half of life. It was to be of high living quality, modern on the outside in a cubic, straightforward architectural style, comfortable on the inside. At the same time ecological, almost energy self-sufficient. The new building in Marktheidenfeld, Lower Franconia, which has been demonstrating its smart overall concept since this spring, reflects pioneering ideas in countless facets. This is because builder and energy consultant Jürgen Leppig has built nothing less than his personal maximum requirements for the intelligent living of tomorrow into the detached house: In the “en vogue” designed shell, technological intelligence and ecological sustainability go hand in hand in a forward-looking way.


Reference project ─ Gurlaina ice rink in Scuol

Now that the use of heat pumps in private residential and commercial buildings has largely become established in recent years, large heat pumps for supplying particularly energy-intensive areas of application are becoming increasingly important on the market. How economically a heat pump works in real operation depends crucially on the quality of the network hydraulics and the integrated storage system. The far-reaching potential of hydraulically optimized energy supply systems for a resource-saving energy supply is demonstrated by a project that Zortea recently implemented for the Gurlaina ice rink in Scuol in the Lower Engadine.


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