Collect, distribute and buffer

Zortström Multi-PG

Any number of temperature levels for heating or cooling

The Zortström Multi-PG offers any number of temperature levels and sliding layer spaces for heating or cooling. The technology for collecting, distributing and buffering different volumes at different temperatures is patented worldwide. It guarantees hydraulic functional reliability and optimises the running time of heat generators. Each Zortström Multi-PG is customised and tailored to the specific system.


Hydraulic zero point of the system, reliably separate temperatures, decouple volume flows, distribute energy in a targeted manner, precisely monitor the temperature in each temperature layer, buffer energy
Different temperature levels to suit the system, VortMix for homogeneous temperatures in each stage, FlowSplit for exact separation of temperatures in every operating state, Sliding layer chamber as buffer volume
Steel S 235 JR, S355 JR, chrome steel V2A or V4A
Mounting types
Floor (standing)
Stand ring or feet, crane eye, insulation and insulation support ring
Flanges, Victaulic connections, spigots, male or female thread
Armaflex for cooling, mineral wool with sheet metal jacket for heating
Special version
On-site welding, category I-IV design with TÜV inspection
Pressure stage
According to requirements, PN3-PN16, higher pressure ratings on request
Optimised as required
Temperature sensor
One sensor per stage, several sensors in the sliding layer space, one sensor per stage, several sensors in the sliding layer space

Typical applications

Performance range
Zortström is optimised for every output range, the tank size is designed according to the required output
Any number of temperatures can be safely separated and utilised
Heat generator
Suitable for any heat generator, especially for optimising the running time of heat pumps, combined heat and power units, heat recovery
Cooling generator
Optimised for all cooling generators thanks to buffer function in the sliding layer chamber