Heat generator

Heat/cold consumers



Innovative energy supply

The Annette-Kolb-Gymnasium in Traunstein stands out with an extremely innovative energy supply system. A very special type of surface geothermal energy, solar thermal fields and solar-irradiated concrete elements were used in its system. They are the bioenergy suppliers and are supplemented by two combined heat and power units and heat pumps. Two safety boilers are integrated into the heating system for emergency operation.

Heating and cooling as required

The Zortström technology collects and distributes the entire energy flow over several temperature levels. The 460 m² solar system, the 27,000 m of ground collectors and the solar-irradiated concrete elements provide the base load. The reversible heat pumps not only enable efficient heating, but also optimum cooling operation. Underfloor heating and room air are heated or cooled as required.

Large electricity savings

Decoupling the water flows using Zortström technology not only ensures that the distribution and collection function perfectly, but also saves an enormous amount of electricity for the circulation pumps. Regardless of whether they are of an older or more modern design. The Fraunhofer Institute also confirms a saving of 56 % pump current when measuring an in-house system with a volume flow that is approx. 35 % higher than the originally specified main line! If this is calculated back taking into account the exponential behavior of the system characteristic curve, the real savings in pump flow are approx. 83 %. Many practical cases show pump flow savings of 70 % and more compared to traditional rod distribution technology.