Eurotower Frankfurt am Main

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Famous skyscraper

With a total height of 141 m, the Frankfurt Eurotower is one of the most famous high-rise buildings in Germany. The total floor space of 46,600 m2 is spread over a total of 40 floors. Opened in 1977, the Eurotower was home to the European Central Bank until 2014. Following a complete revitalization of the building in 2015, the Eurotower now houses the European Banking Authority.

The solution: Zortström Multi

The originally installed supply system caused numerous hydraulic problems in the heating and cooling system. The technical officers on site were constantly busy adjusting the valves. The large pumps generated negative pressure and thus destroyed the target flow rates. The high requirements, namely an optimally and efficiently functioning hydraulic system, were not met with a conventional system.

Use on the 38th floor

During a complete overhaul of the heating and cooling system on the 38th floor, the existing hydraulics were replaced with a total of three Zortström Multi units: two for cooling (2 and 3-stage) and one 4-stage for heating. The Zortström acts as the hydraulic zero point of the system. Thanks to the new temperature stages, heating and cooling are now delivered to the right place at the right time, at the right temperature, in the right quantity and with the lowest transportation costs.