Haus des Wiener Musikvereins

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General refurbishment behind historic walls

You could almost say a historic result behind historic walls: hydraulics that have been working efficiently and maintenance-free for ten years – and that in an old building! The Musikvereinshaus in Vienna, which opened in 1870 and is the venue for the world-famous New Year’s concerts, proves what Zortström promises: ten years ago, the entire building services were completely refurbished as part of extensive remodelling and additional construction work. A mammoth project, considering that old systems often neither function properly nor – as in this case – are properly documented.

Zortström technology plays a key role

The technical office Dr Käferhaus assigned a key role in this renovation project to Zortström Technologie, whose task it was to bring all the pipes together economically.

The simplicity of the Zortström system guarantees cost-effective heating and cooling that is delivered to where it is needed at the right time, in the right quantity and at the lowest possible transport costs. The control technology provides daily proof of this: you can rely on perfectly functioning, simple hydraulics even years later. This means that service costs are a thing of the past once and for all. If it says Zortström on it, it’s maintenance-free.

Energy saving despite historically valuable elements

The refurbishment of the heating system in the Musikvereinshaus Vienna was designed with the Zortström system from the outset. This ensured that all heat consumers were supplied with the required temperatures in an extremely energy-efficient manner. Whether historically valuable radiators, existing ventilation units, convectors, underfloor heating or component heating: Zortström acts as the centrepiece where all the threads come together.

A detail in passing: the return temperature of the district heating system has been reduced to 28°C. What may sound like dreams of the future is “state of the art” at Zortea. With the patented Zortström system, we are focussing on efficiency and simplicity. And for the long term. Because a system whose hydraulics remain maintenance-free for years not only saves the operator a lot of money, but also time and nerves. Not to mention the cost reductions thanks to the high energy-saving potential of this technology. Zortström does not do things by halves here.

Schematic representation