IGP Sportpark Bergholz Wil

Heat generator

Heat/cold consumers



High savings potential with Zortström

The Zortström is the focal point of the heating system in the sports park, which opened in 2014. It combines a hydraulic separator with a distributor. In the six temperature stages, 36 pipe connections are used to connect the various producers and consumers.

Zortström takes center stage

Here, the Zortström connects a high-temperature buffer, a low-temperature buffer, CHP, solar system, waste heat from the ice machine and gas boiler with the consumers, such as ventilation, underfloor heating, hot water preparation, etc., with each other. The waste heat from the ice machine and solar generation can be stored in the low-temperature buffer and released to the consumers as required. The excess waste heat from the CHP unit is fed into the high-temperature buffer and released back to the consumers via the Zortström when required. Solar energy can also be stored in the high-temperature buffer when there is a high level of input and can be called up again in the evening for use in the pool.