Mathias Spital Rheine

Heat generator

Heat/cold consumers



Energy modernization

Very high energy costs in the large area of the Rheine Clinic were the reason to renovate the heating system. With the energy modernization, bar distributors were replaced by Zortström technology. The supply heating was converted to on-demand heating.

High efficiency of condensing boiler technology

The flow temperatures previously required could be lowered. The supply pipes now run at temperatures of approx. 80/38 °C, instead of the previous temperatures of approx. 82/79 °C. Lowering the return temperatures results in a high level of efficiency for condensing boiler technology. Due to the gravitational buoyancy often present in buildings, the electricity consumption of modern pumps is also reduced due to the decoupled water flows in the Zortström. Different pump sizes do not influence each other.

Reduced pump power consumption

Line regulating valves in the main distribution are completely eliminated, which in turn significantly reduces the pump power consumption. However, experience to date has shown that speed-controlled pumps tend to overload each other when the hydraulics are unfavorable, meaning that the power consumption is often higher than that of adjustable pumps. The pressure resistance in the Zortström is only approx. 5-7 mbar per temperature stage.