Medizinische Universität Maastricht

Heat generator



Significant energy savings

When the CHP units no longer need to provide heat for heating in summer, they or their heat is used for the absorption chillers (AKM). They provide the base load and the heat pumps and also generate heat for ventilation systems etc. at the same time. The remaining chillers are only activated at the end to cover peaks. The fixed system temperatures achieve a slight increase in the COP, which already results in considerable primary energy savings at this output level.

Simple design, precise control

The system has been operating successfully for several years. Its simple design enables precise control, which ensures maximum hygiene conditions. Peaks of 18 MW flow through the central Zortström to cool the university hospital in Maastricht with its 6,000 employees.

Operating theaters with hydraulic priority

It was particularly important in the planning that the operating theaters have hydraulic priority and that the remaining consumer groups are supplied in second place. This was achieved with a special circuit that works very well. The operating theaters now receive the necessary cooling evenly, and thus better air quality. Constant supply temperatures also make it easier to achieve the desired air values.