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Klimaaktiv Award for energy efficiency

The company Rudolf Ölz Meisterbäcker GmbH was awarded the Klimaktiv Award by the Austrian Ministry of the Environment for successful measures in the implementation of greater energy efficiency.

Savings of just under €54,000 per year

By networking with the Zortström technology, the bakery company was able to make effective use of the large and varying amounts of heat from waste and cooling heat. According to Wolfgang Rusch, technical manager at Ölz, 250 tons of CO2 are saved each year. This equates to annual savings of 200 megawatt hours of electricity and one gigawatt hour of gas (approx. 100,000 m³ of gas). The total cost savings amount to approx. 53,800 € per year.

Optimal collection and distribution of energy

The Zortström technology ensures optimum collection and distribution of energy at different temperature levels. In addition, the hydraulic zero point in the Zortström ensures the lowest pump power costs. The lower electrical connection values for the consumers are also noteworthy, i.e. investment cost savings due to the lower dimensioning of the necessary pumps with the same water pumping capacity.

Thanks to the interaction of heat generators and heat consumers with the Zortström technology, the boiler in the production company is only in operation for 8 to 9 months a year.

Three temperature levels

The cooling liquid from various cooling machines is collected and distributed in the three temperature stages without any problems and delivered to various consumers.