Sportzentrum Lenzerheide

Heat generator

Cooling generator



1,000,000 liters of water

At the Lenzerheide Sports Center, almost 1 million liters of bathing water at different temperatures for the sports pool, wellness pool, outdoor pool, children’s pool and diving pool are heated by the biomass local heating network. It also heats 13,000 liters of hot water for all service hot water facilities. Zortström technology is used to ensure that the hydraulics in the system function perfectly and optimally for all components.

Five temperature levels

A Zortström with 5 temperature levels bundles the energy in the sports center’s system and reduces the control effort through balanced system hydraulics. Heat is also optimally distributed.

Perfect waste heat utilization

The waste heat (approx. 425 kW) from ice production for the ice rink is perfectly utilized and fed into the heating circuit. A 44,000 liter buffer storage tank balances the heat. In addition to the desired temperatures for the swimming pools, the Zortström technology efficiently ensures pleasant temperatures in the sports and recreation rooms.





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